Sunday, February 10, 2008

Spring Tide #3 Pounding the Breakwater

on a normal day

spring high

Here you see the harbour wall that we posted 2 days ago, being pounded by waves at Spring High, this time from the outside of the wall.

By the way, if you followed the drive we did down the Elands River Valley last week on the Port Elizabeth Daily Photo, and on our personal blogs, the mountains in the background that you see here are part of the Winterhoek Mountain Range that we were travelling through on that trip.

And if you are interested in how this breakwater is constructed to withstand these assaults from the sea, I did a post on the dolosse here.


Bergson said...

Beautiful before-after

sam said...

thanks Bergson. Am I right in guessing you love the blue sky one? :)

Kate said...

Love the contrast. Nature can be scary as well as beautiful.