Monday, February 25, 2008

Anyone care to go to the movies?

Today, instead of a photo, we are posting a movie that we put together. It is a combination of video and stills captured on the beach at sunrise after a big storm and Spring Tide. It was wild and windy, so there are times when the image stabilizer couldn't cope, but we hope the movie can convey to you how invigorating and stunning it was on the beach that morning. The background music is 'why worry' by Dire Straits.... which pretty much sums up St Francis, who can worry for long in such surroundings?!!


Uma por Dia said...

Good choice and thank you for the wonderful movie. All I could think while seeing was about love. What a good mood I am now :)

quintarantino said...

Good choice.
And the soundtrack is not bad either.

Deslilas said...

Everything is perfect,movie, pics and music.
Merci beaucoup.