Thursday, February 21, 2008

Looking up

A different view of the Lighthouse at Seal Point, built in 1878.

Bonus behind the scenes shot:
Our grandson looks on in amazement as granny lies on the ground in the doorway to get the angle she is after, while his parents pretend they don't know this person, and wish they were somewhere else !


quintarantino said...

A very good shot.
And the second one is quite great... how did granny feel being caught like that?

RuneE said...

A photographer takes pictures where they need to be taken! A good example.

Thank you for a nice comment!

Kate said...

Ah, a true artist!! It's a good lesson for a grandson to see!! When I took my then-8-year-old grandson to see Dale Chihuly's exhibition of his stunning glass work in the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, we both lay on the floor to see better the chips and pieces in a ceiling display. Within minutes, all the adults in that gallery joined us!!