Friday, April 4, 2008


Continuing with the assortment of creatures we saw in the clear water on the same day as the moth and the seal, here is a cormorant.

Aside from the ever present seagull, which is to coastal cities what pigeons are to inland ones, (only their droppings are bigger and stink of fish!) the other common bird is the cormorant, who is often seen bobbing on the waves and snaking its sleek neck into the water to grab a fish.

It also has the habit of standing around with its wings out, to dry the feathers. We don't have a digital shot of this, so here is a painting I did based on a photo we took in Knysna several years ago, with 4 cormorants sitting on poles that protruded from the water at different heights, all in a line.


Anonymous said...

Your photography is always nice to see.

Thanks for your visit.

I will comment more at another time as I just returned from hospital and am not back to normal.

Abraham Lincoln in Brookville, Ohio.

ptowngirl said...

The photos are great, but the painting is unbelievable! What a talent you have! I've never seen or heard of this bird before; thanks for the beautiful pictures.

sam said...

great to see you back Abe! Look after yourself!

ptown girl, (((((beam)))) thanks for nice comment on painting!