Monday, March 17, 2008

Another view of the Canals

The other day we told you about the canals. Here is another view. They look so serene in these pix, taken out of season, but at Christmas they are abuzz with boats, canoes, etc and people on the decks of the houses. Although they are very popular and upmarket, I personally find it a bit of a goldfishbowl place, with very little privacy as houses look across the narrow waterways at each other, and boaters gaze in as they go past.


Destitute Rebel said...

still it looks like a nice place to live in, wake up look out the window and water all around, great shot.

Sonia said...

What a lovely place! Looks calm and serene! The roof of those houses is really amazing!

Anonymous said...

Lovely and peaceful.

Seda said...

Wow! This is amazing! Really amazing... I am also curious how are you posting your pictures this large?
If you consider to tell me, can you do it on my blog so I don't have to check this post every time :)
Thank you
Istanbul Photo