Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ajubatus Marine Wildlife Rescue

Jackass penguins at feeding time. As you can see from the wall behind them, they are much smaller than the king Penguin. (taken through sea spray covered glass, so a bit blurry)

Yesterday we showed you the King Penguin that ended up at St Francis. Isadora asked a very good question, 'Does this happen often? The reason I ask is that there is a Penguin rehabilitation center ready to help! I was surprised.'

So I am answering it with today's post. No Isadora, it is extremely rare to see a King Penguin in Africa. Ajubatus was created to rescue marine and wildlife in the St Francis area. They do a lot of work with the local Jackass penguins, which have become a vulnerable species, as well as seals and many other species too. So the king penguin was just really lucky that he got stranded where and when he did!

Here yours truly enjoys a cup of coffee and a view of the lighthouse. The penguin centre is the building between the coffee shop and the lighthouse, with the green wall.

They now have a base at the Cape St Francis Lighthouse, and raise funds by running a coffee and curio shop next door, and giving lighthouse tours.

I wanted to find out what became of the stray visitor so I phoned Jared of Ajubatus this morning for an update.... I also found a much nicer picture that Max took, as well of one of him when he first got there looking all bedraggled. You can read about it and see the extra pix here.

I also found a very interesting post giving details of his capture and rehabilitation here.

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